Thursday, November 02, 2006

Welcome November

There was a memorial for BW yesterday, at his house. That was also the place where I first met him. Coincidentally, it was right around Halloween, too.

I remember it was a Halloween party 14 years ago. There was a big bonfire, and dancing, and a crazy Halloween pumpkin carving contest. The driveway was lined with pumpkins carved in strange and unusual ways. Ok. Perhaps the barfing pumpkin wasn't among them, but there were strange and wierd and wonderful creations. The one that I do remember most was LC&RD's entry into the contest; RD dragged a big pumpkin out to the driveway, got out her shotgun, and started firing. It made an impression on me. Well, not literally... But I do remember that it was the first time I ever saw someone with a shot gun. I had just moved from NYC up to "the country." Growing up in "the city" meant you almost never saw shot guns.

But I digress.

The memorial was nice...There was a lot of food, and a lot of people. JL brought a Godzilla Cake. A video of the original King Kong with Faye Wray was playing in the parlor.

The memorial ended (just like all the other parties at BW's place) with a big bonfire. DS went crazy in his pyromania, and almost single handedly fed the flames until after dark.

I wonder if he would be upset about a barfing pumpkin on this blog... but I think he'd appreciate it.

We will miss him...


November is here. That means cold weather. And for the cold weather, there are always more scarves.

This scarf was made with a pattern our local Knitting shop had out for free.

Some day I am going to organize all my projects and the directions so I will have the info at hand.

And this is the mega mega scarf. It was one of the first projects I ever attempted.

Yummy multicolor acrylic blend...

It keeps you warm and fire retardant...

I have another ball of this stuff somewhere, but I don't have the heart to make anything else with it. I debated making something for the dogs, but that just seemed cruel. Sort of like kicking puppies. So I decided against it.

Really. This looks worse in real life. But it does keep me warm. And it is nice for late night dogs walks. If nothing else, the dogs see me putting it on, and they stop complaining about walking outside in the cold.

They know better.

Welcome, November.


Dearest Cupcake said...

I think we all end up ripping out or intensely disliking our first projects! I like the idea of matching swaters for the pups...

Jules said...

Hey - that cupcake is WRONG. I simply love the 10 lb. scarf that took me 3 loving months to make. Like your button-hole bag, it is proof knitting! Thank you for the birthday wishes, I miss my S'n-B gals something fierce. Take care of each other!

Bashirs_Momma said...

OMG!!! A guest appearance from Jules! YEAH!!!

Where is your blog, darlin?

I just got my Mason Dixon book. I was disappointed it did not mention the Wild Frikkin Pigs...


Bashirs_Momma said...

By the way, I think that every pretty girl should own an "oww-ee!!" scarf.

MMMMMMM.... love the acrylics!!

ZeeKnits said...

I love all my scarves.
And the barfing pumpkin.