Thursday, November 16, 2006

Taking on water

You all remember the waterproof felted bag, don't you?

Boy could we need some protection from water right about now. As wonderful as felting is, I don't think it's going to be able to fight off these waters.

Today, Binghamton got hit with a big storm. A bunch of roads were flooded, and a bunch of the buildings and roads on campus were also underwater. The boss called in, and she had been stuck in traffic, with water up to the door of her Honda. Plus, there was a state of emergency issued for Broome County. I decided to spend the night at the office. I knew where DS kept the Aldi's food stash, so I was ready to raid his office and reimburse him later... And if that didn't work, I had a survival bag of popcorn ready. And lots of coffee and tea...

Then there was calm. The rain stopped.

With a call from a friend or two who had made it back home unscathed, I headed on the road. No problems. What were they talking about? I didn't see any flooding? A little water.... a few puddles. *psssht!!*

Then I got to my exit...

This is what I saw on the off ramp.... (Photo from the Press and Sun Bulletin).

I had to get back on the highway, drive around to the other side of the river, then over the bridge to get back to our road. As I got towards the house, I saw that the end of the road was.... gone.

Completely underwater.

The neighbors down the bottom of the road have water in the basements. The road is submerged. The park is underwater, with only the tips of the park benches visible.

The creek, which you can't even really see anywhere near our place, probably flooded over, and the fallen leaves have probably blocked all the drains.


Dearest Cupcake said...

Hope your house is okay!!!

ZeeKnits said...

Wow. No water in your house, though?

Bashirs_Momma said...

No. Nothing. We are on that little rise. Thanks...