Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Zeeknits has been waiting patiently for this to go up... So without further delay, my Freakishly Huge Mit. My FHM.

Oh, it's a virtual work of art... It was gorgeous in its enormity. It was bigger than life. And for exactly 53 seconds, it was on display at the Gallery in La Tazza, downtown Binghamton.

The Story of the FHM
I loves to felt! I loves it! I loves it! I loves it! I think it is fun, and I can just throw things in the wash and viola! Things are tight and small and there are no dropped stitches! So far, about 80% of my projects have been felted.

About a year ago, I bought about 20 skeins of Paton's Wool in purple, red, green and mustardy yellow. These are not the official names, but I no longer have the label. I started felting everything out of these things. I made post holders and trivets. I made bags, and needle cases and circular needle cases. I made a notions bag. It is the best stuff to felt with, in my inexperienced opinion. But I love it.

Now, I decided to try to make another kind of pot holder from Knit One, Felt Two (see below). This one was a mitten... Oh no.... that little thumb scared me. And it was knitting in the round.

I was terrified. Honestly terrified.

I bought the size 15 double pointed. They were only 4 inches long, though, so that was a disaster. I ripped that apart.

Another few months waiting until I found normal length dp needles.

Finally, I began the process. And this past Saturday, I finally finished.

This is a hypothetical version of the conversation we had when I finished.

Zeeknits: Uh, that doesn't look right.

Bashirs_Momma: It felts down.

**Odd look from Bestitched, from across the table**

Bashirs_Momma: I'm gonna felt it...

Zeeknits: That thumb looks.... odd....

Bashirs_Momma: It's really big.

Zeeknits: It felts down.

**Odd look from yuppie women sitting in table near us**

Bashirs_Momma: I can tell people it's for my husband.

Zeeknits: With a freakishly huge hand?

Bashirs_Momma: Maybe for Andre the Giant?

Zeeknits: It's really big.

Bashirs_Momma: It felts down...

Ok. Ok. We didn't use those words at all. Maybe we channeled the ghost of Andre and talked about how huge it was. But for the love of God, don't quote me here. I can't remember what we said. I just know that we were all amazed by the Freakishly Huge Mit.

Come by in a few days and see what happened...

No. I am not holding it up to the camera. Indeed the mit is freakishly huge. It looked like ML's hand after an allergic reaction to a bee sting on Long Island Pilgrim. I mean, this mit was huge!


ZeeKnits said...

I love that last photo!
Post holders?

Bashirs_Momma said...

Typos are a part of life.

That should have said post holes.

Dearest Cupcake said...

FHM - Felted Huge Mitt or Fucking Huge Mitt? I love it!!! Maybe it can get together with the buttonhole bag to start a museum of improbably sized objects. I have a few contributions of my own (the felted wobbly circles tote bag before I cut it down and sewed it back together for example).

Splindarella said...

*Love* the giant mitt! When do we get to see the post-felting photos? BTW, I went to college in Binghamton and have very fond memories of life there....