Thursday, November 09, 2006

On the Last Leg

Just taking a break to share these two cartoons, from Steve Bell, whose political cartoons are featured on The Guardian's website.

From November 3, 2006 ...

...then from November 9, 2006

Speaking of being on their last leg, our dog, Momma Roz, is doing much better since her stroke. She does not have complete normal function of her back leg any more, but she can sometimes make the stairs, and with help jump on the bed. She prefers to stay downstairs now, since the trip upstairs in quite hard for her.

This is Roz, in her Doggie Depends, and Mr. Calvin getting into the camera... Is that her, sticking her tounge out at me? Naughty naughty girl!

Today I went out and bought a few skeins of Sugar & Creme yarn, to make some Warshrags out of The Mason Dixon Knitting book. I am not sure what colors to make, since I am not sure if they will stay with me, and grace my new ktichen, or if they will go out as gifts. I don't really want them to wind up like my "masterpiece pottery" from 8th grade did - hidden away in my Aunt J's china cabinet. Plus, I am considering giving them as gifts to a master knitter, who will no doubt laugh at me for my efforts. But perhaps I can put them in a prezzie along with a copy of the book itself for Crimble... She also has a thing for country & western stuff, so she may enjoy it.

She shall remain nameless, in case she ventures to this blog.

CH has posted all the Baby Quilts we made last year on her blog, Fire Ox vs Metal Dragon. They look great. Same pattern as my quilt I made solo... but lots of different variations. No need to double post them here, but they have a little bit of me. The thirty stitches to the right are mine...

Halloween pictures of ICP and Me will follow soon. Somehow, I couldn't get out of it...

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ZeeKnits said...

The warshrags will be a good foray into plain yarn, non-felted knitting. It's fun playing with the colors.