Saturday, November 11, 2006

Stitch N Bitch, Saturday Edition Pt I

Normally the Binghamton Stitch N Bitch group gets together on a Sunday at La Tazza. It's one of the few downtown places in Bingo that reminds me of being in a big city. But this week, with DL visiting, we decided to get together for a special Stitch N Bitch, Saturday Edition. Same place, new and exciting time...

And this time, breaking with all tradition, we brought cameras.

DL didn't bring LL with her for the stitchery. She was with dad... but we did get a chance to meet her, and she was adorable and cute, especially yesterday when she tried to climb into the artifact buckets in the lab.

CH brought another quilt she is making. This one was commissioned for a friend.

More photos to come...

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ZeeKnits said...

Many photos and everyone looks good - wow! So, how did the giant's mitt come out???