Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Believe it or not, it's just me

I may have stolen that title from one of my favorite shows from the 1980s... but what better way to introduce some random photos?

With ICP and Poppy, at Grandma's memorial

Our first Christmas, 2003, in the basement apartment

With Bozo the Guard, Covent Garden, 2002

Stonehenge, 2002

Halloween photo, 2006


Taking a nap with the dogs and the fat cat

And finally- as an Elvis Impersonator, for MOD's

Viva Las Vegas Poker Night

Can you see those sideburns?


ZeeKnits said...

Nice sideburns! Napping with all the animals looks very cozy.

crazycatladymel said...

I love the napping pic! That's how my bed looks sometimes.

Thanks for coming by the Christmas Idea Journal! I'm posting a tute for those ornaments right now.

Susan said...

Hi & thanks for the props on the socks;) Your Elvis is Rad!!! & my 6 year old is now pouting because he wants the Janga Fet/ Boba-fet (ugh spelling???) costume. Both pics made me smile. Oh and he is really into toy soldier/nutcrackers right now, so we enjoyed the British clown pic too!

knottykitty said...

OMG! That pic of you napping with all of the furry family members is tooooo funny! It is a fact that once you acquire pets, you never get to sleep NOT in a pile, ever again! :)