Monday, November 27, 2006

My dog looks like a bag lady

The ouchy acrylic scarf was my first knitting project. Made out of two skeins of Lions Brand Jiffy acrylic yarn, in a color called El Paso.

I should have done the old El Passo at the yarn shop...

Here's the description from the Lions Brand website:

Quick and easy to work, velvety soft, 2 ply brushed 100% acrylic that looks like mohair.

[Don't you believe them.]

El Paso: An intense mix of burgundy, denim, sage green and dark gold

[When I think of something being intense. I think a hot relationship. I think extreme sports with bungee jumping and skydiving and no nets. When I think of intense, I do not think 100% acrylic...]

That scarf was big. It was bulky. It was ouchy. But it was not mohair. It was 5000+ repititions of knit. Knit. Knit....

Ok. It was fine for a beginner's project. But I hated it. Even for just throwing on me to walk the dogs. So I decided to unravel it, and make something else.

Hmmmm. How about a coat, for the dog?

Well, I measured the dog. I really did. And I followed a pattern. I did.

Well. Not exactly. I figured that I needed an increase or two. Here and there. And, well, so what if I wound up knitting instead of purling. Keep going, and it looks like a deliberate texture change. Doesn't it?

Looks good anyway, doesn't it...

Well, I guess that is the magic of photography for you.

ICP came home, looked at Momma Roz, and asked why the dog looked like a bag lady.

"Well, it's just for going out on walks..."

"She looks like a bag lady."

"Well, It's not finished. She needs sleeves."

"She looks like a bag lady."

Ok. He's right. She looks like a bag lady dog, in a 100% acrylic fake mohair-like coat.

Ok. Here is Momma Roz in her new coat.

Still, she wore it without any fuss. She slept in it. It is probably warm, aside from those big gaping holes where the air can get in. I guess the warm outweighed the ouchy...

It is way too big. And as I type, it is being torn and unraveled.

I think next time I will try to follow the directions. At least just a little...


Dearest Cupcake said...

OMFG!!!! That is freakin adorable! Yes, on your next go at it you will need some more of a turtleneck with ribbing. I love that she loves it, and I love that ICP hates it. I think it's fan-friggin-tastic.

Bashirs_Momma said...

It's already torn apart.... it wasn't working...

But I have something better... an acrylic/wool blend to make a nicer one for her.

So, knitting this week? Wednesday night? Over beer or coffee or desert?

ZeeKnits said...

Poor doggy! It will look good if it fits, but just now it's so baggy.
Wednesday sounds good for knitting to me.

hakucho said...

Momma Roz looks so cute in the coat even if it is too big...I agree with dearest cupcake...she needs one with a turtleneck and ribbing. She needs to be is style, right?
happy knitting :)

ZeeKnits said...

I like the corrugated texture on the dog coat. You could do that again on the next version.

TheSteph said...

I love it! So cute! Mr. Roosevelt always looks at me like that when I dress him in random knits and take photos of him! lol! I love it.