Sunday, December 03, 2006

Elvis, the bloated years

This is not so much a new post as an addendum to "Believe it or not..."

With VLo's permission...

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for a second sold out appearance... It's Elvis Presley in the great comeback tour...

Just in case you missed the sideburns...

The sideburns were made out of the same pleather I picked up at the Evil Empire-Mart for the cape. And at $1.99/yard, I couldn't afford NOT to go the extra mile for a bit of facial hair.

But, just so you know, they were not really attached to me, as much as they were attached to the glasses.


Still makin the girlies scream...

Again, check out those sideburns!

Was Elvis really that chesty?

It's good to be the King...


Susan said...

Okay, this has officially turned into blog-pong.

You Rock!
Long live the King!

Take is easy,

Bee / DeeDee said...

... it's nicer to be queen... lol and i don't mean queen as in queer. i wouldn't know about that. now how did i get here and why is my foot in my mouth? ;-)

Susan said...

You realize I will be checking your blog obsessively for those Graceland pics now.
And everything Elvis aside.... Your puppies are sooo cute!.
My dog thinks she is a cat also. Maybe she is a descendent of Basenji's???
Hmmm.... On second thought, probably not. She is descendent from some breed that barks a lot, then runs & hides if you come near her. Kinda like a car alarm. Lots of noise, but does nothing to really protect the vehicle from being stolen. Cleo's motto is -I warned you of danger, now you're on your own;) Good thing she's cute.