Thursday, October 26, 2006

That's How I Felt!

I have been knitting only a very short time now. I am still learning the basics. But I quickly realized that I really like to felt. All the sins seem to disappear in the wash....

Or so I thought...

This is one of my first projects.

A felted stash bag, with I-cord handles. I also made a coordinating notion bag, which is admittedly a little crooked.

But they are really cute, super handy, and I thought they were pretty nice for a beginner.

To go with this, there is a lined needle case, which is handy dandy.

After mastering the felting process, I decided to tackle the Mason Dixon Buttonhole bag. It would be easy. I would rock the world.

Or so I thought.

I got lazy. I didn't watch the clock. I put it on hot wash in my front loader and walked away. I put it on a second time, and walked away.

The third time, I was asking for it.

The result was my version of the Buttonhole bag.

I call it my Bulletproof, Waterproof, Fashionproof bag.

It is still cute, but it could have been oh-so-much-more.

But as DL claims, not everyone is a winner.


ZeeKnits said...

The first felted bag, notions bag & needle case still look great!

Dearest Cupcake said...

Now you know how to make felted armor! I still think it's cute, if mini.

hakucho said...

I just love your felted bags and needle case. That's what I need! Don't you just love felting? I'm itching to do another felting project, but I have too many other things I have to do first!

Happy knitting :)

Marti said...

They are all darling...just like children, you love them no matter what! Thanks again for your comments on my MD mitred square afghan. Much appreciated.

kb said...

Hi there:

I think your buttonhole bag looks great! Felting *is* mervellous... I have made quite a few things out of the Knit One Felt Too book that you show elsewhere in the blog. :)