Sunday, October 22, 2006

I will ignore you

The cats and dogs do not get along.

In the pantheon of house animals, the cats are supposed to be like Zeus. They are supposed to be the ones to determine when it will rain, cause major earthquakes. That sort of thing...

But ever since the basenjis came along, they tend to take the back seat. It's really not their nature, but that's what has happened.

But I know better.

If they could reach the pedal on the Geo, they would certainly take the car, a couple of tuna fish cans, and leave. They'd pack up the catnip and go interstate with it. If they could reach the ATM buttons, they'd leave town with $40 of our cold, hard cash, and never look back.

Forget Mount Olympus.

My cats would be the Thelma and Louise of the Feline world.

DJ is the little cat that has really big paws. Lots of extra fingers.

Then there is Felice the fat cat. Lots of extra pounds. Freakishly huge.


ZeeKnits said...

Very nice! I am having such problems with my laptop, thus still no recent photos on Fire Ox Vs Metal Dragon. Argh. Oh, and I deleted one of the offending photos from the great baby shower photo album.

bee / DeeDee said...

your cats are adorable!!! nothing like a heavy ball of fur to jump on you, cover you with cat hair, and purr freakishly until you both fall asleep in front of the tv...