Thursday, October 19, 2006

Quilting the Bees

Almost 10 years ago, MP taught me how to quilt.
I never really got the hang of it until the Oh-so-talented CH really got me going. We had a few days of quilting blankets for charity. No need to cross post them - you can follow the link for Fire Ox vs Metal Dragon to see them all. We also had a mad bee quilting for a triple header baby shower. Lots of communal quilting.

On my own, however, I have produced only one little baby quilt, despite the yards of fabric waiting to be sliced and seamed.
This one was for Baby A in Rhode Island.
I went with a Classic Pooh Quilt, with a few bees thrown in the mix.
Who wouldn't like Pooh on a baby blanket?
Oh. Yeah. Right.
The back is golden, with lots of pooh bear honey bees.
The front is filled with Classic, Pre-Disney era Pooh Bears, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore,
and even Christopher Robin.
And more non-pooh honey bees, just for fun.

My next quilt will be the long-awaited Halloween Quilt.

It is partially pieced. But it is far from finished.

Maybe for next year.


ZeeKnits said...

We will do the quilting afternoon or evening. Not this coming Saturday. Thursday???

Katie said...

Wow, beautiful quilts! The pooh one is very lovely and how FUN is that Halloween one!
I just took a quilting class then went out and bought yards and yards of fabric. And of course, I've had no time to work on the quilting! Someday...