Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rolling a ball uphill

Frustrations are setting in, big time. The dissertation is a sack of bricks. It's heavy and hard to manage. And when it hits you, it hurts like hell.

I've been up relatively late every night, trying to produce, and really I feel completely impotent when it comes to writing. I'm not going to the gym... and I am binge eating... damn ice cream. Who the hell let that in the house... oh. It was me. Nevermind.

I really am frustrated. I should dump this chapter and pick something else up... but then I have lost all momentum.

Wait, isn't that the problem? Lack of momentum.

The weekend awaits. I will be putting all knitting on hold. Bloggin? Short and pathetic... maybe just a way to let people know I am still alive. I don't think I need rescue crews and SWAT teams showing up at my door.


Claire said...

Grrr, tell me about it. Mine is frustrating the crap out of me, too.

Claire said...

Motivation! Motivation? We need some motivation. Imagine looking back later and thinking, "Well, that really sucked, but at least it's over now."

Claire said...

Speaking of the lack of motivation, I found someone on ravelry today who used their basenjis for knitting models - and yet the knitting survived - how? But here's her blog address:

Alison said...

Hey, wait a minute, aren't you the one that told me there is no such thing as a pathetic post? Hope your weekend get better!