Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thanksgiving is a _hit

This year, I offered to do Thanksgiving Dinner for the family. Little did I know my cousins had arranged for other things, without telling me. So now, Thanksgiving is going to be at my cousin's place. I think his house has plumbing. That's what he said, at least. He does not have any cooking supplies though. Or plates. Or mugs. He might have chairs. I'm going to make several vegetable dishes, cranberry sauce, and a desert. And bring all the things to cook it with.

So basically I AM making Thanksgiving Dinner, I'm just taking it all on the road.

Got a call from a friend today, asking how I was. I had to cut it short. I didn't want to explain it all.

So today has been a little more productive. Chapter is still in shambles, but not Shambles with a capital "S." The Capital "S" is reserved for another word describing my dissertation.


Lizzy said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog - it is so good to get some feedback !

Alison said...

How Frustrating. It would have been easier to just have it at your house, UGH!