Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Bea Arthur Sighting?

Some of you know that my secret to losing 50+ pounds has been this great website called It's subscription based, but at $9 a month, it is very much worth it in my mind.

On one of the forums, there is a thread on Food Porn. It's basically photos of food that will make you want it really really bad... Lots of chocolate, beef burgers, fast food... just all kinds of bad things.

The worst was the pieroghis that someone listed. Now, the pieroghi by itself is pretty bad. What made this wrong was that, like the grilled cheese sandwhich with the Virgin Mary, there was an image in the food.

What I think is most wrong is that this post used Bea Arthur and Porn in the same sentence.


TK said...

Congratulations! You've been randomly tagged for a random meme by yours truly. Check out for more details.

cynematic said...

bea arthur's face sighted in a potsticker? quick, alert the pope! a genuine miracle has occurred!