Thursday, October 30, 2008

Babys and basenjis and aliens, oh my!

Well, there was another baby shower for people at work, this time for CH and LS. It's chronicled (at least a bit) at CH's site, so I won't duplicate. Much. She missed the action shots of little boys with balloons, which I couldn't miss out on posting. Here's AG and AS with blue balloon... apparently AS needed to wrastle it a bit.

CH got a little bit of practice in with little AZK. Hey! Why jump all the way to jumbo size? Practice with a little one, first... Oh well. Just be glad they don't come out that size. Ouch.

I also did a little knitting for the ladies. CH's mystery gift is nowhere near ready. She may get it in 2012. But LS got a little baby bib.

Remember this yarn? It's from the Elizabethan collar of a blanket that I decided to frog. Well, part went to baby bib, and part when to shopping bag.

I also did something with my Manos that I have had around the house for almost 2 years. I made Muffy, Part II. This one is for me. I still have 2 skeins, so Muffy may get a matching hat or mitts, or something. Bashir wants nothing to do with it, of course.

Speaking of basenjis, we almost had another old basenji man in the house. This is Shane. He is just outside of Scranton, and needs a new home.

He's 13 years old (poor old man) and needs to go into rescue. He almost was ours, until we learned that he's being rehomed because he's getting snippy with the toddler in the house. I did
go down and evaluate him for Basenji rescue, and hopefully someone will take in the old guy. At 13 years old, though, it's tough. We got Mr. Calvin at 10 years old, and he was a tough sell. But now, at 16 years old, he's just as active as...

...well, it took a LOT of effort for him to squeeze into the cat bed. Yes. That is a cat bed. And no, he really doesn't fit in it.

Well, speaking of not quite fitting into things, Bashir doesn't quite fit into this little hat.

I think it's adorable, with little lions on it... but no, it doesn't fit the basenji. I know. So does he. Yes. That's a snippy little basenji look.
And then again, I am not fitting into my clothes anymore. Completely popping out of everything.

But that's ok. I'm 14 weeks pregnant, so I can blame the little one. (Which is why Shane doesn't get to come home with us, and why silly baby clothes and hats with lions do.)

We had our first ultrasound. Baby waved hi. Then hid behind its little hand. CH says ultrasounds are sort of alien like. MR says it looks creepy.

Well, if you think that's creepy, take a look at the website You upload photos of yourself and your partner, real or imagined (yes, MR, you can cross yourself with Palin if you want) and they come up with the love child product. These were three options for ours...

I won't even comment on the creepy factor...


Claire said...

Creepy yes. So many creepy baby things out there.
Congrats again! I saw Gabi yesterday & confirmed that you're public now. RQ was there as well, and the Halloween party was last night, so you may consider your news public to the entire Binghamton (Tri-City? Broome County?) area.

Andrea said...

Wow, Lynda! That's awesome news. Now it's spread to Albany - can't keep stuff like that confined to the Southern Tier!.

Two women at my work are also expecting; I'd better stop drinking the water . . . (Isaac just turned 13; unless I really want to be like Sarah, having babies at 900+ years old . . .

Anonymous said...

Would it REALLY be your baby if it was not potentially creepy? :P

Anonymous said...

If the baby is a product of your loins, aren't you expecting it to be a slightly bit creepy? :P