Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Day of the Jackalope

In New Mexico, there is a mythical creature. It is called the Jackalope. Half Jack Rabbit. Half Antelope. There have been many accounts, but it is not everyday that one actually sees the elusive Jackalope.

After a moderately interesting conference for the Society of Historical Archaeology in Albuquerque, NM, I grabbed a traveling partner, put on a little travelling music, and went out on a search for the Jackalope.

Our quest started in the Old Town of Albuquerque. But it was dark, and it was night, and there was nothing to be had, except for dinner, and some shopping.

So our quest headed north, to Santa Fe. Many years before, when I was but a mere undergrad, surveying New Mexico for nothing more than the experience and the lessons in Grateful Dead music, I remembered finding the elusive Jackalope. So there was much hope to find one near the Abode Artist Colony.

I indeed get some kicks on Historic Route 66.

And found the Duke...

Our retreat was the wonderful Inn of the Governors. Not to be confused with the Palace of the Governors.

Opening a tourist map of Santa Fe, I noticed an attraction listed. It was calling to me. It was a store called "The Nomads of Santa Fe." So I went out on my search for the Nomads.

How could I not?

Unfortunately, it seems that the Nomads of Santa Fe had since picked up and buggered off. So there were none to be had. I did find a nice gallery/outdoor hole that sold Middle Eastern/Indian wares. I found the carpet depicting September 11, 2001, and the subsequent invasion of Afganistan, to be rather interesting... to say the least.

I also found this lovely little piece. I am guessing it was about 60 years old, but I am not quite sure. I will have to look this one up.

Yum. Lead glaze. Serve me up some soup.

I also ventured into a store and bought myself a summer dress. Yum.

I also was on the look out for Patron Saints or other saintly things. I toyed with the idea of bringing Mary Magdeline paintings home, but then I saw it. The Best Protection from evil that anyone could ever hope for...

This Kar Tassel seemed to be the most useful one I could see.

"Ray Charles protects you from bad country western music."

Elwood: What kind of music do you usually have here?

Claire: Oh, we got BOTH kinds! Country AND western!

Thank you St. Ray. Baby, please don't go.....

Finally, finally, I saw it... in the distance....

The store I had been looking for.
Jackalope Mercado.

It was there that we found the Jackalope, and other mass produced crap...

The once proud and mighty Jackalope, pushed out of its native habitat by suburban sprawl and cheap imports.

Good god. I think we stumbled upon their breeding ground.


hakucho said...

Never heard of a jackalope before...they are sort of cute :)
Looks like you had a nice trip. Love those pots or vases. Very pretty!
Have a nice weekend :)

Dearest Cupcake said...

Well... did you bring one home?!?!?!

kat said...

Sadly, Old Town tends to close up a bit early. It's a shame too as there are some great stores there (and they tend to be less expensive than Santa Fe). Too bad you didn't take one of the history or ghost tours in Old Town - they're quite good!

I always liked the Jackalope store, though the Rio Rancho store is much larger than the Santa Fe location. Sounds like you had fun though, and that's what counts ;-)

Bashirs Momma said...


No. I didn't bring one home. You see, I was once mauled by a Jackalope, so the memories haunt me still, to this day.

Alison said...

Wow, is that snow on the ground? Love the picture journal! :)

Claire said...

Oh, lovely New Mexico.