Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Knit One, Write Two

First, some highlights from Thanksgiving at Bachelor B's Log Cabin.

Would you believe this guy was born and raised in Brooklyn?

Wearing the same color as the Turkey. Gobble.

Otherwise, my time is taken up by knitting and writing. And knitting and writing... Not so bad, especially if I can strike a balance. This is my new Noro feather and fan scarf. I love my Koigu one, but it's not warm for the weather. I am not sure if I like how the yarn is making stripey stripey pattern onthis. I may wind up frogging it and trying something else.
Maybe a Manos feather and fan? Hmmmm...

I finished the two gifts that I was working on for LC and her husband. They are fun and I like them a lot. I am making LC a matching ***, too. I will probably finish that in the waiting room today for my doctor's appointment. They are posted on Ravelry, and chances are that she won't read my blog... but just in case, I will post photos after she opens them.

Until then, here's my holly jolly christmas tree. I am in a bulky sweater, from my bigger days, so you can't tell I have lost 55 pounds.

We went for a real one this year (thankfully) and we also went for a table top one. It was only $13 dollars at Agway. According to MOD, their trees stink, and I should not be surprised if the trunk rots away and it falls over. Gulp.

Christmas cards were done EARLY.

Then the evil cat peed all over them. Stamps and all. So they were all tossed out. Cards will come late this year.


hakucho said...

The feather and fan pattern is wonderful for striped yarn. Your scarf looks great!!!

happy knitting :)

Alison said...

I love all the pictures! I was just going to commend you on getting your cards out so early and then read on to find your horrifying news! I would have KILLED my cat!!

Bashirs Momma said...

I almost did... I almost did...

Claire said...

The scarf does look great, and the tree probably won't implode.

Claire said...

And, yes, you can certainly tell how slim you are now, even in a loose-fitting sweater! You look awesome!