Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Starbucks also starts with an "S"

My theme for the weeks seems to be things that are shitty and start with the letter "S."

So on to Starbucks for my rant.

I popped into one this morning while I waited for my bank to open. Simple order - a large cappuccino, made with skim milk.

I get it, paid, left.

Within 2 minutes, the foam had dissappeared.


It's not that big a deal, except when you pay $3-$4 for a friggin shot of caffeine, you expect it to have it's main component. In cappuccino, that means a foamy cap of froth. That's like buying a mocha without the chocolate. Or a plain coffee without the coffee. What is the problem here?

I must admit, I am not a big coffee snob. I won't drink a lot of coffee, but it's not because I am snobby about it. I just don't like the taste of many types of coffee. I will drink some crappy $1.99 chock-full-o-nuts stuff if it tastes good. In the same vein, my $4 Shitbucks coffee got tossed.

But while I am not a coffee snob, I most certainly am a FOAM snob. It's so friggin easy to do. What is the PROBLEM!?

I broke down and bought a foamer. It's a little tiny wisk that you can just make up your own cappuccinos at home, which is what I have been doing, and what I will continue to do. But even better, it makes up the BEST whipped foam/cream. It doesn't taste exactly like whipped cream, and it's not stable enough to put on a cake if it's not eaten immediately, but it is yummy. And 1/2 cup of skim milk froths up to 2 cups of foamy yum-ness. 40 calories. Strawberries additional.

Look at this.


Kat said...

I bought one of those frother things at Ikea a while back. Best $3 I ever spent!! Nothing is as tasty as a foamy cup of tea (and yes, it works in coffee as well!)

Found you in the not-a-momma group in NaBloPoMo and thought I'd say hiya!

suchsimplepleasures said...

i need a frother. it looks so pretty, the foam! i brew my own coffee and i never thought to put froth on it. i usually just save it for a treat when i am out and get coffee.
here's to really, really good looking bloggers!