Thursday, November 15, 2007

Coming unraveled

There are 758 people ahead of me on

Will there be an invite in my gmail anytime soon?

Come to momma...


Why can't I drink my coffee black? With tons of sugar and milk, or worse yet, half and half, it is blowing my whole system.

Coffee? Or lunch? Coffee? Or dinner?

Being on a calorie restricted diet sucks. I just want a nice coffee without counting the friggin calories.

Mom used to drink black instant coffee. I mean, if black wasn't awful enough... INSTANT? And not even the "good" instant stuff like Nescafe. She'd buy the bottom of the barrel store brank from King Kullen.

King Kullen. Now that's something you don't hear about everyday. Supermarket of my childhood, which disappeared decades ago...

...or did it?

Of course I have to go look it up online. (It's called hiding out from the nomads.) Well, what do you know? It still exists. And what do you know... the first one, back in the 1930s, was in my old neighborhood in Jamaica, NY. Well, how 'bout that?

I bet the Nomads wish they could shop at King Kullen. They'd even drink instant coffee, I bet.

I'm gonna get hate mail for this one...


JamieL said...

Let me say I am very glad you got invited to ravelry!! I was thrilled to read your message!

Coffee calorie counting? Ouch! I drink mine sweet and creamed too.

I wonder if nomads would drink instant *chuckles* My grandmother used to drink instant, and the rest of the family would wag thier fingers and call it swill. Either way, I think that nomads at King Kullen is pretty frikken funny.

Peace! (PlainSimpleGarak)

Alison said...

Instant black? Yuck! I know what you mean about the coffee. I love my creamer but it's practically a whole meal of calories!