Sunday, October 21, 2007

Follow the Jell-o Brick Road!

Another post about Darien Lake, upstate NY, and my summer of fun. I had so much fun, I dragged ICP up to my project area for a weekend of survey.

Surveying the park, that is! Guess what ICP found! Beer, of course.

I was a cold day - in the the mid 50s, but that didn't stop me from dragging ICP onto the water rides. Needless to say, there were no lines and we got right on.

And we rode the Giant Funnel.
Poor ICP. He nearly froze his stuff off...

He loves me anyway. I think.

Isn't that sweet?

Speaking of sweet, one of the highlights of my summer was the Jello Museum. Yes, Virginia, there is a Jello Museum, in Leroy, NY.

Ok. Say it with me. Jell-O Museum. Believe it or not, there is a Jello Museum. And I am proud to say that I kidnapped two of my crewmembers on a rain day, threw them in the van, and dragged them to the Jello Museum.

If you are wondering why this even exists, Leroy is the birthplace of Jello. And yes... There is a market for the History of Jello. Well, can you blame them? How could anyone pass up this this piece of history?

Now, come on, everyone. You know you want to say it.

Say it...



I think the entire reason for this museum was to set up a shrine to Mr. Cosby. The museum, which is about 500 square feet (maybe) has a nice Cosby Wing. They even have the white uniform he used to wear in the commercials.

Look. That photo in the case is right from that commercial. Amazing.

Oh, Mr. Cosby. You went from one of the sexiest men alive (well, next to Mr. Culp), to this. From international Spy, saving the world from Communism and boring prime time television ... to a Jello Pusher.

FYI: Bill Cosby is the one on the right.

The Cosby Wing is located right next to the hallway of suspended utensils. Why they suspend spoons, I have no idea. I mean, you don't eat Jello Brand Pudding Pops with a spoon? It comes with it's own sticks. Personally, I just don't get it.

Come on, Jello Curators. Use your brains! I mean, unless your brains have been turned into Jello.... like THIS ONE! The infamous Jello Brain Mold.

Yes, Virginia. There is Intelligent Life on Earth. But there is also wierd and wonderful stuff in the world too. I am sure a Jello Brain Mold qualifies.

Outside of the Jello Museum, of course, is the Jello Brick Road. Hundreds of bricks on a road, each with Jello-isms.
And how could I pass up an opportunity to follow the Jello Brick Road?


Claire said...

As my father once said, "That poor man!"
Thanks for the new blog post!

Bashirs Momma said...

Oh! No! I am still working on it! Don't go away!


Dearest Cupcake said...

"All the goodness of pudding." Would that "goodness" refer to the high fructose corn syrup, the modified food starch, or the tetrasodium pyrophosphate? Won't strike out with mom, indeed.

Claire said...

Now - in all its jello-y glory!

Bashirs Momma said...

What about in all it's gory jello?