Friday, June 08, 2007

Hosta and Hostility

With apologies to Jane Austen...

It's the season for gardens and parks. By the time these photos are posted, these plants are LOOOONG gone!

Pretty salvia and lavendar for the front porch. And some pretty daffodils clinging onto dear life in a soil of concrete and sand. Not too many options for the front of the house yet.

Concrete. I hate concrete.

The forsythia in full bloom, and my Ice Pop tulips. Notice the meticulous landscaping. It's a new style called "Random Brick."

Next are the teacup tulips - referring of course to the shape of Turkish Teacups. Ne kadar guzel!

Rosemary & basil... Baby Basil.

And finally, the Hostas from Dad's garden in NYC. Mom planted them in the garden around 1968 or so. So they are older than me. They have grown to massive proportion. So I divided a a few dozen... (like 3) and brought them back to Binghamton... on a Shortline Bus.
Here is a variegated one. I don't know the actual name of the variety, but we call it "Arlyne's Hostas."

The hostas are now happy and spreading and being handed out to Hosta fans throughout the Southern Tier.
One problem is that I am running out of room to plant them. I have a Hosta Garden in the back of the garage, which is nice, but I did plant a few ferns there. And the ferns are starting to take over. The ferns and the hostas will soon be competing for precious gardening space in my yard.
It's a Turf war.
Pun intended.
It's like West Side Story of the gardening world.

When you're a Fern, you're a Fern all the way....

Damn! There's that ugly concrete again.

Of course, with all the turf wars, and too much concrete, too, there isn't enough room for vegetables.... so...

Next post - Garden Plots, and a visit from Elvis.


Claire said...

Did I miss something? Where did the plants in the first picture go??

Bashirs Momma said...

Damn. Poor wording on the blog.

Most of the flowers are no longer blooming.

Perhaps the ones on the porch are planning a holiday getaway. I just don't know.