Sunday, April 08, 2007

There have been complaints...

I have not updated this thing for almost four months... So where do I start?

Let's start with squirrels.

Our local knitting space, La Tazza, often displays the work of local artists on the wall. This week, there are lovely nature photos. One of the nicest was a lovely squirrel...

Then, I was inspired by DC's recent reference to the infamous squirrel post. Of course, nothing can compare to that little vignette. But we did have an invasion of squirrels living in our house this winter.

The wall, to be exact.

So this post will be dedicated to the squatter squirrels.

Late at night, we would hear *scuff scuff scuff* in the bedroom wall. The dogs were, and I am not exaggerating, climbing the walls, trying to get to them. The nasty buggers were keeping us up at night. Finally, we called a wildlife relocation service. Or is that The Squirrel Terminator. Or The Squirrelator. Or the Squirrel Later...

Either way, $500+ later, our house was free of squirrels. And another $700+ later, the holes were sealed up. $1200+ for damn squirrels. Damn straight I took photos.

Squirrels infest your house as a family. You don't get one or two. You get 7. Or more. And at $60 a pop, plus collection fees... well, do the match.

The humane traps are pretty neat. They attach to the gutters, and a few peanuts are thrown in as a lure. Then when Squirrey the Squirrel comes for lunch, it snaps close.

That window there is my office window. It was fun hearing the snap and the panic as I was working.

Have fun, squirrel. You ain't getting out any time soon.

Oh, it's easter, isn't it. Well, can't let the holiday go by without a little special tribute to the spring fesival of birth. So here's a special little 18+ tribute to Peeps.

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