Thursday, April 19, 2007

Babies shouldn't play with hypodermic needles!

Just a few random photos from a recent baby shower
for SG & LK at AZK's place.

AZK, preggers again, shows us baby R's most dangerous of toys -
The Turkey Baster / Hypodermic needle
that she discovered a few months back and stabbed poor dad with...

No No No!
Big girls don't stab daddy with kitchen utensils!

Lots of kids, toys, food, and what not. But without parental permission to post kiddie photos, here are the house and adult photos...

Oh lovely Zeeknits.
You had to bring handmade gifts and make the rest of us look bad,
didn't you?
Oh, the humanity.
I don't even have a really embarrassing photo of you to post as payback.

While you're here, let's see some photos of AZK's house.
Yes, they built it with their own hands.
A handmade house.

Looking up to the second floor at all the wood.
Yes, they even cut down their own friggin trees for this.

(Hey, Zee, I think this one tops your baby kimono...)

And the food. Needless to say, this wasn't a freezer section special.
So, AZK, did you go out and milk the cows
and press your own grapes, too?

You're all Wonder Women, the whole lot of you....

I can't even upload a photo on my blog half the time.

I still hate the X.


ZeeKnits said...

I freely admit I don't know how to build a house and have never claimed to. The big syringe is a flavor injector for turkeys, I think for deep frying them.

Bashirs Momma said...

I know... just teasing ya, silly willy. But if I ever want a house knitted or quilted, don't be surprised if I come knocking at your door. ;)

Susan said...

I am in awe....They built their own house????
I impress myself when I can memorize a lace repeat.. Yikes.